Quality standards

In modern agriculture competition is very high, so in order to cooperate with the world's leading consumers of organic products, we constantly improve all processes in the company.

All these processes are aimed at achieving high quality of our product, the highest quality of life of our employees, high quality of relations with our partners.

Why do we achieve high quality?

In agronomy - due to the use of the best technological maps, the best fertilizers and the best plant protection products, due to cooperation with the best specialists, due to the use of advanced technologies.

Regarding our employees - we improve the quality of communications, build the company's household infrastructure, cooperate with local communities, and help employees solve life problems.

Working with partners - we build trusting relationships through honesty and efficiency, consideration of mutual interests, prospects for mutual development of our businesses.

In addition, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products - frozen berries. Quality control begins with soil and water quality monitoring, we control hygiene in the fields and production, embodying the principles of HACCP, strictly adhere to the requirements of the Organic standard and FSSC 22000 certification, conduct training and check the knowledge of personnel.