The Oril-Eco company was founded  in 2018. Company grows strawberries  on an area of ​​12.8 hectares and remontant raspberries on an area of ​​22.7 hectares in the Tsarichansky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. We have completely organic fields and organic crops.

We strictly adhere to requerments and standards of food safety as well as to organic production techniligies, which are developed for us  by one of the best organic agronomist in Ukraine, which is annually confirmed by The Organic Standard certification.

Since 2019 the company has launched its own freezing complex, which now makes it possible to process the entire crop of strawberries and raspberries.

The complex consists of:

The refrigeration complex includes two strawberry washing lines.

Every year Company harvests and freezes 130-170 tons of organic strawberries and 100-130 tons of organic raspberries.

Our production is certified according to the FSSC standard which is confirmed by corresponding certificate.

In additional, The Oril-Eco has been successfully exporting frozen berries since 2019 to the EU countries (Netherlands and Poland).